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How Do I Get Started?

Simply email us at to schedule your FREE Introductory Session and Trial Kickboxing Class! 


What Can I Expect In My FREE Kickboxing Trial Class & Intro Session?

There is absolutely no need to be intimidated as all of our classes are geared for all fitness levels so you can “go at your own pace.  Once you’re scheduled for your introductory session and first class you will be asked to arrive approximately 30 minutes before the class you are taking.  Once registered, you will learn how to wrap your hands and will be led through an overview of the punches and kicks you will encounter in class. Then you’ll head straight into your first class!   All we ask is that you come prepared to SWEAT and HAVE FUN!!!  


How Long Does A CBuS Kickboxing Class Last?

All of our classes are 1-hour in length, with the exception of our 5:45am classes which are modified to fit within 45 minutes.  No matter the class we guarantee you will sweat, de-stress and enjoy working out more than ever before!


What Equipment Do I Need?

Since you will be punching a heavy bag, you will need to protect your hands with boxing gloves and hand wraps. Gloves & wraps are available for purchase at CBuS at a discounted rate.  You will want to wear comfortable gym clothes and bring a towel, water bottle and sneakers/tennis shoes you change into that are dedicated for indoor use only. Outdoor/Street Shoes and/or barefeet are NOT allowed.  


Do I Have To Have Previous Kickboxing Experience?

No experience is necessary! The majority of our members have never taken a kickboxing class prior to coming to CBuS. We promise you will have fun and get addicted to the workout quickly.  


Do I Have To Schedule An Intro Session if I Have Previous Kickboxing Experience?

Yes. Regardless of experience, we require all first time guests to schedule an appointment and attend an intro session prior to taking their first class.


Can I Just Drop In For A Classes?  

The only class available for drop in is our 30-Minute TBC class.


Do You Offer Advanced Classes?

Yes.  Our Advanced Conditioning and Triple Threat classes are Advanced Classes that have minimum training requirements before attending. Before students may take an Advanced Class they must attend at least two Pad classes.   After that we recommend that you speak with one of our instructors who can help determine if you are ready and qualified for the next level.


 Are There Age Restrictions?

Yes.  We require students to be at least 14 years old and in high school. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign for him or her in order to take class. Please inquire within to see if we are currently offering programs for children under the age of 14.


What Is Your Inclement Weather Policy?

CBuS Kickboxing & Conditioning may be closed during severe weather conditions.  Our weather policy is as follows:

  • Decisions to cancel the 5:45am and Saturday am classes will be made by 10pm the evening before. As soon as the decision to close or delay class is reached, a notification will be posted on the CBuS Facebook page, website and sent to members via mass email.

  • If Dublin City Schools are closed, all 9:45am classes will be cancelled. If Dublin City Schools is delayed, please check our Facebook page, website and email for closures.

  • Decisions concerning the cancellation of our evening classes will be made by 3pm and will be announced in the same manner as used for cancellation of our morning and daytime classes.

We strive to make every effort to maintain our normal class schedule during inclement weather but personal safety of our Staff and Members is an important consideration when evaluating the need to cancel classes.